Curriculum Development

We use a team of experts to develop curriculum . We partner with your team to seamlessly design and implement the curriculum development process to augment your organizational culture and overall  industry dynamics.


                                           &                                                                         WRITING                              

Our team of expert editors and writers establishes reasonable timelines to meet goals in  the textbook writing process. 

We can either write a textbook for you, or fully edit your creation. Our team will facilitate the textbook writing process from idea generation through to textbook publication and distribution.​​

leadership assessment &


We provide organizations with a comprehensive and integrated valid and legally compliant assessment process that will yield critical information for individuals and the organization  to delineate key leadership strengths and developmental areas  for subsequent  successional  planning.

executive leadership & coaching

Our team of executive coaches are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and competencies to help senior management employees develop the skills needed to motivate and retain qualified employees, influence others, delegate with finesse, and groom capable successors.  

Our team is academically astute, and collectively, we have garnered over 100+ years of leadership experience.


Human Interaction Experience (HIE), LLC.  works with your leadership team to design a path to growth & profitability. We will help to differentiate you from your competitors.  Through data gathering and analysis, you will remain on the cutting edge. We will track industry  information, develop forecasting models, examine strategic performance, spot emerging market opportunities, identify business threats, identify strategic solutions, and develop innovative action plans.​​

​​Restructuring & Reorganization

Human Interaction Experience (HIE), LLC. uses proven tactics to restructure your organization. Our goal is to help you build a highly effective and improved environment.  We will take the lead to manage the change process and guide you  through the  strategic and financial planning process. Our team will facilitate a reorganization to help to create new business opportunities, evidence incrementally increasing profits, and secure benefits from the most recent legal and financial protections.


TRAINING & DEvelopment     

Human Interaction Experience (HIE), LLC. ​aims to improve employee job performance for individuals and groups.  We utilize practical and interactive methods to train and  develop employees through educationally sound processes that facilitate the sharpening of skills, grasping of concepts, modification of behaviors and attitudes, and the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and competencies to enhance  performance




faculty  development

Our team develops specialized training and development workshops that promote professional growth, maintain the quality of educational offerings, and support continuous improvement and career development. These workshops also help to fulfill accreditation and compliance requirements for many organizations. 

excellence in SERVICE & Relentless in implementation 

Accreditation & Compliance

Human Interaction Experience (HIE), LLC. partners with you from beginning to end to ensure that your organization meets the quality standards of excellence to achieve accreditation or reaccreditation status. We guide, direct, and collaborate with your team to maintain compliance.


​                      HUMAN  INTERACTION ​​EXPERIENCE, LLC